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Re: The network is terrible today

by Ezralee33

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The network is terrible today

Im barely able to complete an event or and OD match and I scared to play an lvl drive. Its been terrible today. When I play overdrive either I do or my opponent disconnects. Any one else having a problem?

Im consistently connected to my wifi and all my other devices are working fine.

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Re: The network is terrible today

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Apologies everyone, there was a short term dip in connectivity at the time of your posts here.

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Madden Overdrive Broken

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Wonder if EA will compensate myself and everyone else who are experiencing the broken EA Server on Sunday and not being able to play evenets to earn Coins & Mics...... 

I am patiently waiting for YOUR RESPONSE EA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: The network is terrible today

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Me too.  Network Timeouts with WLAN (PYUR) and 2 different Mobile Provider (T-Mob LTE and O2 LTE).


No way to make my24/7 drives and Hall of Fame Events tonight since 2hours.


Thanks EA

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Re: The network is terrible today

Now I cant even get on the game at all. Most of my league has reported the same thing through our Slack group. Damn EA servers are never good enough to keep up.
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Re: The network is terrible today

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Yeah, I'm experiencing the same thing. Have tried on wifi and off, and reset the phone. It's really killing my attempts to do all the 24/7 activities and any attempt at finishing my HOF tries.

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Re: The network is terrible today

I guess anyone who was doing any last day HOF grinding is screwed. Like me. This really sucks man.
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Re: Madden Overdrive Broken

Its the last day for HOF too. Wonderful
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Re: The network is terrible today

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I'm wondering why they haven't figured out how to harness the technical issues after 4 years ...Discouraging
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Re: The network is terrible today

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Apparently it is a widespread issue
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Re: The network is terrible today

★★★★★ Newbie
Yep. Sucks.
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