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TOTW Hero set?

by vomo887klfqnsl

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TOTW Hero set?

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I am trying to complete the TOTW Hero set by using a Zach Miller TOTW elite card, but it will not show up on the set to add it. Any help on why this will not work?

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Re: TOTW Hero set?

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You have to make sure that the TOTW player that you have is from THIS weeks TOTW not a past TOTW because the set requires the present TOTW ones. How you can tell if your TOTW player is a present one or a past one is by looking at the green TOTW symbol on the top left of the card and if it is a faded green, that means its a past TOTW player and if it is a BRIGHT green that means its a new/present TOTW player. Hope this Helps!

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