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Super Bowl Promo

by EA_David

Original Post

Super Bowl Promo

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Community Manager

Hi all.

The 2019 Super Bowl program started yesterday, and culminates on Super Bowl Sunday, with events ending Monday, Feb 4th. You will be able to earn Gold, Elite, and Diamond players from each team and chase after 96 OVR Team Masters and 96 OVR Super Bowl Legends.

The top prize of the program is a 97 OVR Super Bowl MVP who will become available after the Super Bowl.


Trial Players and Terrell Davis

To celebrate Super Bowl week, we will be giving everyone the ability to claim a free Super Bowl Trial Hero every day from 1/28 through 2/2.

  • Trial Heroes are 80 OVR, but will be augmented to 90 OVR until after the Superbowl.

  • You will be able to exchange Trial Heroes for TD Badges.

  • Use 6 TD Badges to earn a 93 OVR Super Bowl XXXII Terrell Davis! (This card will not exchange for Tokens, Badges, or Trophies - most likely it will be Training Points)

Progression and Currencies

Here is a breakdown of the various currencies and collectibles you will find in the program, and what you will use them to collect.


  • These will be your stamina currency.

  • You can earn tickets by playing a free event that refreshes 3 times per day (10:30am, 4:30pm, and 10:30pm EST). This event will award 10 tickets for your first win (it is not repeatable).


  • Used to obtain Gold Super Bowl Players.

  • These can be earned by playing Super Bowl Blitz events with your Tickets.

  • Trade in 100 Tokens to earn a Gold+ Super Bowl Player.


  • Used to obtain Elite and Diamond Super Bowl Players.

  • These can be earned by cutting Gold Super Bowl Players.

  • Exchange 15 badges for an Elite+ Super Bowl player.

  • Exchange 90 badges for a Diamond Super Bowl player.

Lombardi Trophies

  • Used to obtain Super Bowl Masters.

  • These can be earned by cutting Elite or Diamond Super Bowl players.

  • Exchange 20 Lombardi Trophies to earn a Super Bowl Master.

MVP Badges

  • Used to obtain the Super Bowl MVP.

  • These can be earned by acquiring Masters and completing various MVP achievements throughout the Super Bowl program.

  • Exchange 10 MVP Badges for the Super Bowl MVP (97 OVR)

Super Bowl Legend Jerseys

  • These can be earned by playing various Super Bowl Legend events.

  • Each of the 6 Super Bowl Legends has their own specific ring.

  • Collect 15 of a specific player’s Jersey to earn that Super Bowl Legend.

  • You will be able to exchange 20 Badges for 1 specific Super Bowl Legend Jersey.


There will be a special event during Super Bowl Halftime that will award a very valuable reward, so make sure not to miss out!


We hope you enjoy the Super Bowl and thank you for playing!




Message 1 of 18 (1,183 Views)

Re: Super Bowl Promo

★★ Apprentice
David this event is very frustrating! I’ve already turned in at least a dozen gold super bowl players I was awarded and only seven of them have counted towards the 15 I need for an elite. It’s like I am not moving forward at all.
Message 2 of 18 (1,162 Views)

Re: Super Bowl Promo

★★ Apprentice

In fact, I just realized none of the Super Bowl badges I received all yesterday counted.  That includes the one’s I got for first wins, etc.  

Message 3 of 18 (1,149 Views)

Re: Super Bowl Promo

★★★★ Novice
Wondering if the 2000 Mc to 1 MVP badge deal is one time only or repeatable
Message 4 of 18 (1,128 Views)

Re: Super Bowl Promo

★★ Apprentice
Did anyone get a Trial Player drop today? I didn’t have anything where yesterday’s was located.
Message 5 of 18 (1,104 Views)

Re: Super Bowl Promo

No. I didn't. Maybe it's in 48 hour incriments
Message 6 of 18 (1,081 Views)

Re: Super Bowl Promo

Community Manager

@daddyzdog Hey, do you have your badges now? From what i can see you've been earning them. 

For the trial player they should be coming this morning : source

Make sure you grab the ones that are in the store already. 

Message 7 of 18 (1,077 Views)

Re: Super Bowl Promo

★★ Apprentice
I have the ones I earned yesterday but none of the ones I earned on Sunday, which included me completing all of the super bowl 1-4 events and all the flashback events.
Message 8 of 18 (1,070 Views)

Re: Super Bowl Promo

Community Manager

@daddyzdog   Hey, it looks like you purchased the Jersey Collectibles pack for 20 badges, and that's where your extra badges went.

I can see a bunch of properly exchanged and earned badges as normal, with that purchase in the middle. 

Message 9 of 18 (1,062 Views)

Re: Super Bowl Promo

★★ Apprentice
David, I haven’t made any purchases at all. I honestly have no clue what that pack is or where to find it.

There is no way I would have zero badges on Monday morning.
Message 10 of 18 (1,056 Views)

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