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How do I reset season mode????

by 1j0sh

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Season Mode

★★★★★ Newbie

I can't play season mode Everytime I try it crashes but I can play everything else on Madden mobile i

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How do I reset season mode????

★★ Newbie

Please someone tell me! My game keeps crashing Frown

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Re: How do I reset season mode????

@1j0sh I don't think you can. 🤷‍♂️
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Re: Season Mode

@iWIZARDLYx My league mate is having the same problem. If we find a fix I'll post it here
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Re: Season Mode

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I know what the issue is for me anyway but it might be the same for your league mate I can't fix my problem but my save file for season mode is corrupted or something and there's nothing I can do about it only thing Is hope EA will delete my season mode progress

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Re: Season Mode

@iWIZARDLYx Dude.. That sucks man... They should compensate you for all your lost progress
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Madden mobile 20

★★★ Newbie

Every time i go to play Madden Mobile 20 on my iPhone it crashes when i choose “season” all the other modes work fine but season is my favorite... Get this fixed ASAP !!!

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Re: Season mode Glitch on madden mobile

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After winning my first 11 games in my first season, I kept getting kicked out of madden mobile every time I tried clicking on Seasons. I want to know if anyone else has had this problem

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Season Mode Crashing

★★★★ Novice

Every single time I tap on season mode it crashes. This has been happening for the past couple weeks. I’ve tapped it over 100 times and it has crashed every time!

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Re: Season Mode Crashing

@tallt4567 This is a known issue and from what I have been told it's being worked on but I haven't heard of an eta yet.
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