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Same ole song for 9 months..

by Humdinger504

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Same ole song for 9 months..

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Once again the game crashed on me during a crucial lvl drive and, of course, now I can't go back to finish my drive... Because the game crashed. How is it after all of these years, the game still can't tell the difference between us closing the game and it crashing on its own? Y'all even made us buy new devices for this.


It'll really help with the morale and faith in this game if y'all stop forcing us to lose. I have a 104 offense but no matter what mode I play the opponents always are up to par at the very least. ESPECIALLY during events. I guess that's why y'all took away us being able to see the events difficulty with stars because y'all knew we couldn't say for sure y'all adjust the ratings. A 92-93 ovr team can put up 24 on my 103 d but I can't even get 6? They still have elite players with 79 spd but, they're able to play like that? Yea Ok. It seems like y'all are more focused on pleasing "fly by night" players and trying to get new people playing instead of focusing on your loyal and guaranteed players. Y'all rather make it to where everyone gets a "participation trophy" instead of learning how to play. You cannot and and you will not please everyone. 

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