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Resource download error for iPhone

by big4head247

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Resource download error for iPhone

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First off I dont know if you run this board but I saw you posted a couple thing that implied you were.

-When I try to open my madden mobile it will start loading and come up with "resource download error- make sure you are connected to the Internet.

-madden mobile

-iPhone 5s

-to add to the first part. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 separate times with no results. Now I thought it was because I can only get 3G do to the fact that I am currently deployed. But there is another thread with multiple people having the same problem and the only responses you've givin were telling one guy to go to the Spanish board and another to try the app again in hope that the problem worked itself out. My concern is I don't hear a solution or even a mention that someone is trying to fix it. I've spent $69.02 on cash in this game and all I want is permanent solution to this problem or my money back.

-I don't have an iTunes purshase number for the app itself but I would be more than happy to give you my purchase numbers for my in-app purchase if that means I get my money back. But I don't know if you want the receipt number or the order id

-I would rather keep everything on this thread but will give my email adress if need be

-madden mobile for iPhone

I hope this met everything requested in the troubleshooting thread and hope to hear from you
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