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Re: Punt Return Events

by socratic_t

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Punt Return Events

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When will these stop occurring? Half of the times (no exaggeration) I am blatantly cheated. My 83ovr returner either won't catch it (has bounced off his helmet numerous times), catches at a horrible angle where any yardage is a miracle, or he wont field the punt AT ALL! No I'm not rushing the punter, so it isnt a "carry over" from controlling another player. It is total BS. It needs to fixed or tell us what every event is so we quit getting CHEATED out of stamina.

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Re: Punt Return Events

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Who's your punt returner?

Anyone here have tips for OP on passing this?


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Re: Punt Return Events

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@EA_Blueberry Try to use punt block over the others, I've got 80 Robert's as a pr and have better success using punt block and try to use the blockers as best as you can
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Re: Punt Return Events

@michealjonas I agree.. Try using punt block. I don't know why, but it seems to work better.
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Re: Punt Return Events

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Seems like the wrong thing to do so youre probably right Lol Thanks

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Re: Punt Return Events

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83 ovr Desmond King

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Re: Punt Return Events

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@michealjonas I never understand why on a punt return event the punts are unreturnable?

It is as pointless as events where you are supposed to prevent 25 rushing yards, and the game tries to complete passes.
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Punt Return Games

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The Punt Return games are a joke! You’re given 4 try’s to return a punt and 2 out of the 4 either the punt returner doesn’t show up or muffs the catch! This is programmed into it and should be changed to either less opportunities or fixed! It’s not a FAIR GAME!!!

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