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[Program Discussion] Kickoff! (9/9 @ 10:30AM ET)

by EA_Blueberry

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Re: [Program Discussion] Kickoff! (9/9 @ 10:30AM ET)

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@EA_Blueberry wrote:
@amanstWe've had discussions on these boards in the past about time-zones and it actually comes up for other games too. I believe it's a technical limitation where events cannot be opened up at X time for specific regions, so the teams try their best to cater these events to be accessible to as many players as possible in terms of their start and end time. If the time was extended to allow a certain region a full day, other regions would still be able to play the event longer which ultimately gives them an unfair advantage.

Respectfully, I disagree. If the event duration was 12 hours, that would be a start - it doesn't necessarily have to be synchronised to local time zones, which would sort of be nice but I can understand cheating by setting device timezone settings would be undesirable. 


I don't even know what the duration for these events was - they never unlocked before I couldn't play and had disappeared the next time I could. 


24 hour duration events would/ should be accessible to everyone. Irrespective of where they live, if an event was up for 24 hours, nobody else would get any more availability to the event

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