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Re: Problem with coach Anthony Lynn

by EA_David

Original Post

Problem with coach Anthony Lynn

As you will see in the screenshots the default vertical playbook has a play called X Post.

Coach Anthony Lynn gets the exact same play at level 10. 

When you reach level 10 that play is just absorbed into the already existing play so if you use vertical and Lynn at the same time you completely lose a play. 

I like Lynn as my coach and have dedicated all my coach whistles into leveling him up. 

@EA_David @EA_Blueberry please report this issue.


Screenshot_20190816-044146_Madden NFL.jpg
Screenshot_20190816-051654_Madden NFL.jpg
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Re: Problem with coach Anthony Lynn

Community Manager

Hmm, interesting. The duplicate plays are intended, as far as I know, in case you want to mix scheme between your coach and captain, but in this case I think X post is a default for all schemes. 

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