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Re: Power play bug report

by EA_Blueberry

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Power play bug report

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Hello @EA_Blueberry , I have exchanged for two power play sets, one is Eric ebron and the other one is Dante Fowler jr, but after I clicked the best lineup botton, I only saw Eric Ebron in my lineup, and I used to have two Ceedee Lamb in my items but they disappeared as well, could you guys please check it out for me?  thank you🙏🏼


Time: Between 3am-4am


ps. I’m a player from Taiwan, so the time might be faster than the states





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Re: Power play bug report

@Swell0218 Tag @EA_Blueberry and don’t ever put your user id in any of your posts next time and you can edit it now to remove it! He will ask you to DM it instead! Good luck!
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Re: Power play bug report

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Are you sure you don't have them currently in another set waiting to be submitted? Hopefully they weren't thrown into another set by mistake, although I've seen that happen quite often through accidental mistakes over the years. Our Support teams can check to see where those items went on your account. Please contact an EA Advisor via the options below.


EA Help on Twitter


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