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Playoff tokens

by FundManager12

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Playoff tokens

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 So I played the play off events to earn PLAYOFF TOKENS which if you get to 1000 you can buy a decent player on this game. So I wasted battery on my phone and my time to earn the points honestly and having earned 400 playing events and then I was suppsoed to receive 600 more tokens predicting playoffs right on two seperate occasions. And then guess what happens? I cannot claim the predictions that I gambled on and after contacting the EA support line I get an answer that they can't help me out with the tokens but instead would reward me with a 'madden pack' which is another gamble I have to take to see if it's a boom or bust which is totally unfair in any way possible. For all you know this 'madden pack' can as easily be rigged to be bust and I won't have any of this crap. 



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Re: Rigged and Scammy just like anything else in the USA.

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Update: they are willing to compensate me with a madden pack that has 1 gold player and 2 silver. This is unacceptable. Do NOT buy from their stores not worth spending any real money on it. AGAIN, YOU PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT THEY HAVE DISCRETION OVER. I URGE YOU GUYS NOT TO SPEND REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME. IT'S A SUNK COST.

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Re: Rigged and Scammy just like anything else in the USA.

This week's predictions won't be exchangeable until tomorrow. I don't know if that is your exact issue, but it's a place to start bro.
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Re: Rigged and Scammy just like anything else in the USA.

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I correctly predicted for last week's wagers Chargers having more sacs than the Ravens AND Cowboys having more rushing yards against the Seahawks and CLAIM BOX IS STILL GREYD OUT. Had similar problem with Christmas events and they rectified it right away. I KNOW THEY CAN EXERCISE THEIR DISCRETION but this rigging is just Unamerican and just gotta stop. Ethical Business is what America does best. Not reverting back in timeline.

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Playoff tokens

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Community Manager

@FundManager12 I understand you're frustrated, but we needed to edit out some inappropriate language, please try to remain civil. 


As @thegatorfan122 mentions, the Predictor cards will need to be exchanged in order to get the extra tokens, go to the Marketplace > Exchange and scroll to see them.  It appears that you didn't exchange the Predictor cards from last week, actually there are a few older items I can see in your inventory that you might want to exchange. 


As for the Claim button, are you talking about the Wild Card Perfection page? If so, that should light up when you have exchanged the appropriate Predictor cards. I don't think this will unlock for you though, from what I can see, you didn't predict all of the events, and this particular challenge requires you to get all of the game predictions right. 


This weeks cards can't be turned in yet, but I think they should unlock today. It looks like you'll get a nice payday from the cards themselves, but again you won't unlock the Perfection challenge. 




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