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Pay to Win

by Carlostheking399

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Pay to Win

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The game this year is overall better than last year indefinitely. They made good improvements and all, but I dislike how they are pushing alot towards the pay to win route. I went into the store and seen that for 500 bucks you can buy 50k coins. Also alot of popups to buy gems packs etc.. have occurred. All in all I feel as if they  should go back to the old madden mobile where everything is earned especially coins, which actually makes the game fun and allows you to grinds for coins to buy players.

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Re: Pay to Win

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Their business model must be rely on a small handful of whales who spend a ton of money for the latest card while the majority of users are left dealing with bug after bug after bug and trying to make sense of the emails back from their "Customer service" is like decoding alien-speak.   They can't be bothered to fix even the most fundamental things that screw over players.   The whole company team should go play in traffic.   Their revenue has cratered since they turned the game into a dumpster fire.  

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