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Ovr and Power

by Koalii33

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Ovr and Power

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This has been a CONSTANT issue for this game. It's gotten to the point where I'm so frustrated that I'm about to snap this phone in half. Like everyone else in the game, thanks to EAs brilliance,  I have all 99 ovr players on my team. My power is 2920 and I went up against a person with 2300 power in league v league. 

I got the +5ovr boost (for all its good for) and still his defense just shed my blocks like my OL was made of paper. And besides that being a major issue, my linemen, when running down to block, are completely running past the defense that's coming at me.


Why has this constantly been a problem and never addressed?


I truly hope that whoever the developers are that's working on this game get demoted to sweeping the office or fired altogether. 

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Re: Ovr and Power

Blocking has been a real problem the whole season. I wouldn't look to have anything corrected this season, but I know they're aware it's a problem so the best we can do is just the best we can and hope that is something that they focus on for next season
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Re: Ovr and Power

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yeah they'll focus on it for next season while 16 more new problems pop up that they'll ignore for the season after that. 

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Re: Ovr and Power

All we can do is hope next year's version is better
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Re: Ovr and Power

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This year's version is pretty bad. I stopped playing for 3 months. When I decided to comeback I made some decisions. 1 since ea refuses to fix issues no more spending money.
2 playing OD is to pass time not to be competitive due to issues and ea predetermining outcomes.
3 don't join a league. Leagues require a lot of time. Also L vs L tourneys are horrible. Teams you should crush blow you out..
I had a pretty good league at one point, ranked around 300 but with all the issues ea refuses to fix it's not worth it.
If your opponent can't beat you ea will
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