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Re: Overdrive scoring

by donaldmmoore

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Overdrive scoring

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How is it possible to score 513 in one play

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Re: Overdrive scoring

It was probably the play they got their captains bonus on so the play points plus the captains bonus points would show a higher score. That is a really big score they. Dang
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Re: Overdrive scoring

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No way I’ve not seen one that high

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Re: Overdrive scoring

Lol... Yeah bro. Me either. That was a pretty weak explanation but it's all I could think of.
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Re: Overdrive scoring

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When will someone from EA reply?

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Re: Overdrive scoring

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Well by my math it's a little high. He has a offensive coach boost +200% rushing yards so he gets 8 pts per yard instead of 4. 53yards ×8 points per yard = 424 points + touchdown score 60 = 484 points. But my math and EAs math are not always on the same page. EA rigs the OD matches anyway so of you were suppose to lose the opponent will just get imaginary points to win. 

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