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Overdrive is still f'n bs

by Zeekmoses

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Overdrive is still f'n bs

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I can't believe you guys left this game mode in the game as messed up as it is. There is no way my team should keep loosing to teams that are -5 ovr  compared to mine. Plus I have them by over a 100 power. Last game my qb overthrew my reciever by 15 yards on a slant rout. Their d line just pushed my o line out of the way on a FB carry. You said we wouldn't have to play this game mode but it's the only real way to improve coaches. Are you guys even playing the game!!! There is no way you can stand by this product as jacked up as it is. I'm about done with this game after 3 seasons. I just wish I hadn't already spent $120 already.

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Re: Overdrive is still f'n bs

@Zeekmoses You also have to play OD to make it through the masters series.
But at least it's not against other players.
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