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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

by thegatorfan122

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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Yeah, @thegatorfan122 pretty ridiculous..


@EA_Blueberry @EA_David 

Friday was good.. After the fix was deployed, tree gave ran well for overdrive. There was a minor freeze at the end, but it only lasted about 5-10 seconds or so..


All today (saturday), overdrive was okay like Friday was..


Start up, however, was worse.


Go to open the app after a few hours of not using it, it would freeze and lock up in a much worse way than it's been. Would take a couple minutes to get from the loading screen to the main menu. 


Just fyi.. 

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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@EA_Blueberry @EA_David 



Yeah, the fix that was deployed didn't last long. 


Overdrive freezing is back.


The same exact problem as before again.. Maybe even a little worse.


Pretty sure it has something to do with the broken DDA system.


I'd also like to retract my pressing of the "problem solved" button the other day. Is this possible?

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

Bro, don't say that PLEASE!!! I haven't played yet this morning. I'm so not ready to go back to freezing. It was so nice.
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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

@saliententr0py I just logged in with no freeze and ran 3 straight overdrive games without freezing.
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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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@thegatorfan122 if you remember my problem.was worse than yours earlier... It caught up to you and got just as bad as mine did.


@EA_Blueberry  whatever was done was a temp.fix. This is twice now I've fought  and worked hard through  the NTOs and got back into the top 25 .. Only to lose multiple games in a row because of NTOs and freezing. How the heck is it even fair to start an OD match over a minute behind? 


Whatever was done Friday needs to be done properly and not half assed so the issue doesn't reappear. 




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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

Damn bro. I am still working fine. Not looking forward to going back to the way things were. I truly hope they realize the fix wasn't permanent.
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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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Me too. Still no word.  I'd hate to have to start a new thread. I pressed "solved" on this one too soon

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

@EA_Blueberry @saliententr0py I'm back to freezing before and after overdrive games again. Big time 🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭
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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

Community Manager

@saliententr0py Thank you for the update. Just so we can count off some of the basic steps, does restarting your device let you play for a while before you see the issue again?

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