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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

by saliententr0py

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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Just lost all 3 of my tournament play by forfeit cause it froze up in second drive

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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When I turn off my WiFi and just use data it doesn’t freeze as often. It’s def a WiFi issue and EA can fix it on their end

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

I hate to disagree with you bro. Because I have played on mobile data a lot and mine still freezes every single time. No matter what.
I'm starting to wonder if someone somehow introduced malicious code into the game on purpose. Because this problem started off slow with only a handful of people affected and now it's starting to spread everywhere and it's getting worse.
Sounds like how a virus would work.
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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

Community Manager

@saliententr0py  @thegatorfan122  @lkbroach  @jayBOOGIE362 


Thank you all for providing the info we needed to escalate it up to the team. We apologize for any negative impact it might have had on your progress and overall mood when playing. We recommend restarting your device before launching the game again. Keep us updated on the results of today's fix.



Thanks for the call out with the tweet. 


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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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Absolutely. I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger and believe it was just my account and a corrupted save file.



I get to keep my team, history, etc.. And not get stuck with only those 6 All madden packs.


Any chance my account or tickets, or whatever it is that gave you the information regarding what tech support wanted to offer me, be modified to reflect that my gripes wasnt account related? Or was it?

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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I shoulda said most of the time it won’t freeze up but yes still does on data... just not as often

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

This was what the EA Help "specialists" just sent me.

These guys at ea help do not even know what is going on with this game and they are a big reason why people keep quitting  

I'm about to be one of them. 

I can't keep playing under these conditions and spending money on a company that could care less. 

I'll have to find something else to do with my time and money.

Im at the end of my rope with EA. 

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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Is that the response you got from the ticket @EA_Blueberry  submitted for you?

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

That was the response I got after several correspondence I had with EA help from the ticket that I put in about this issue.
They pretty much told me that there was nothing that they could do. Funny thing is they sent this to me after the fix came out and they had no idea.
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