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Overdrive and blitz tournament matchups

by Humdinger504

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Re: Overdrive tactics and captain bonuses

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I was about to ask the same question.
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Re: Overdrive tactics and captain bonuses

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Have you ever played this game and if so, this has NEVER happened to you? This particular problem has been going on literally the entire season.

Am I supposed to post the entire film from my matches? The film show I get points for positive gains but, the issue is the game not recognizing and counted them towards the captain bonus.
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Captain Steve Young

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There's a unnecessary flaw with captain Steve young. To get his captain bonus you have to get 4 rushing touchdowns. In the event (the game decides to let you) you're having a good game, you have to run out of bounds and purposely give up the touchdown if you want to get the captain bonus and even then, the game won't recognize all of the first downs so you'll actually need to get about 6 or 7 to get the bonus and you can understand how costly that is and can be and especially ridiculous when you have to choose a first down over a touchdown.

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The entire season has came and went and it's still not fixed smh..

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What will it take to get the people at ea to finally fix the game not recording, registering or acknowledging our completions and progress towards the captain's bonus? Every single overdrive match I always have to complete almost twice as much as required to receive the bonus and with that being said, there's been so many games where I've been stiffed out of it and loss because of it. This is not an isolated issue. It's widespread, has been going on the entire season and we've been posting about it since. And are y'all going to fix the players (especially the high ovr ones) dropping an unreasonable and ridiculous amount of passes, especially wide open passes?

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