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Overdrive Suggestion

by daddyzdog

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Overdrive Suggestion

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Here’s a simple idea for you EA.  How about teams with a strength over 2,000 only play teams of similar strength?  Otherwise, that is 3 minutes of my life I will never have back since it’s pretty much an automatic loss by double whatever I score.

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Re: Overdrive Suggestion

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The crazy part about that though is even teams with 1500+ power get slaughtered by teams with like 7-800 power. With that being said, what's the point of having a better team than someone and then getting a +1-5 ovr boost for having a better team and more power, if we're still going to lose to them horribly? This game just isn't it this season.
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Re: Overdrive Suggestion

Couldn't be more obvious. But deny deny ignore... The EA way
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Re: Overdrive Suggestion

I hope this doesn't get me banned again, I don't think this question is against the rules.
But is there some sort of agency or governing body that oversees these types of games or online gaming businesses?
It just seems like they can do whatever they want to their customers with no oversight, accountability or reprocussions.
Please don't ban me. It's just a question
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Re: Overdrive Suggestion

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Sure doesn't seem like it with the way things have been going on.
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Re: Overdrive Suggestion

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I am seriously getting so frustrated with this crap. I play and lose to the same over 2,000 strength teams over and over. The only reason I even try with Overdrive is to earn blitz tokens. Overdrive has gone downhill drastically in the last couple of months. EA do you even care? Do you even try to find corrections to your matching??
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