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Overdrive Mode Connection Issues..!

by SilvesterDad

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Overdrive Mode Connection Issues..!

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Dear EA, dear David


after 1st Overdrive Season I hoped that you are able to solve the Connection issues in Overdrive; as usual hope died..! 

How is it possible that only Overdrive Mode gives me this issue? The rest runs perfect, not one issue, but if I wanna play an overdrive match it always - with loading breaks of 10seconds - tells me that I don‘t have Internet, then reloads 10seconds and then I have internet for one play, afterwards it tells me that I don‘t have Internet and so on..!!!


May EA is able to solve this one at least during 2nd Overdrive Season..? I don‘t think that it‘s asked too much.... and please don‘t Tell me i should reinstall the game, empty cache etc. 


Again: everything else in this game works, except Overdrive Mode Ranked...  btw: i never had this issue in unranked mode..! 


Not or able to understand this issue because it makes no sense to me.


i would be very happy if someone is able to help me - or EA to solve this..! 




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