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Overdrive Bs MM20

by kelleysheros

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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

@Oxygen12192015 You're definitely not alone brother.
Overdrive is broken and needs to be removed or overhauled.
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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

★★★ Apprentice

Whats great is they have top 100 teams with 72 wins.  Im at 54 cause i dont ant to lose my spot.   Top guy was at 380 yesterday.  How is a team with 72 wins close to those with 200-300.  Alot of the guys in top 10 constantly were last year. They have 200+ wins.    Then scroll down there are guys in it. 72 wins, 96 wins, 103 wins, 78 wins.  Then look at their teams and ask how?  EA does nothing to look into them.    Thats why if you grind out wins, you should be up there.  Screw the fans idea and go by total wins in top matches.  Then you know people are actually playing for real.  Especially knowing in NFL games you arent losing a W after an L like you win fans then lose fans.  Its terrible.  You shouldnt lose anything

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