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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

by kelleysheros

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Overdrive Bs MM20

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Can yall fix the game to just h2h 24 points and an overtime.  Or go buy wins.  Fans sucks cause of your bots and people already exploiting long pass plays on your bs version of a defense



make overdrive my defense setup.   


Im about to quit already and ive been playing 2 years.  Head to head was way better year before last.  At least i could set my defense up.  This im relying on eA and when i play bots its advantage ea

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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

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@kelleysheros They're not going to do jack. They don't care. They already said last year the match is predetermined. That's why the qb overthrows an open guy, the wr can't catch, or the o line forgets how to block. Losing to a team I'm +5 ovr and + 100 power is insane.
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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

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Bot city. I was at 37600 on elite 2. Then lost 4.  So im just holding it.  I cant catch a break.  I get close winning 4. Then lose 4.  Its that bs 50/50 win ****.  Its really frustrating when you like playing and they bs you with this.  Id take those counter plays al day compared to this. 

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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

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Yeah I made it to elite one but I've lost 7 in a row. Total BS.

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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

Same problem.. I fought my way through elite 3 to elite 2 and them my team forgot how to play the game.
If OD were fair and untouched by the EA fairness factor I would love this mode.
As it is I hate when I have to play it.
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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

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@kelleysheros Od needs to be burned at the stake! Haha.

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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

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Completely agree.  Its trash.  I wish EA would just run it h2h like madden 18 on this mobile version.  Overdrive was a horrible idea since it became having to rely on their defense to basically help you.  It created play exploiting with no countering from us.  They should let us put in our defense scheme at very least

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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

@kelleysheros They need to take there damn fingers out of it. OD would be much better if everything were equal. But all this predetermined outcome and DDA garbage overdrive is terrible.
I like the idea of it, and when my team plays right I enjoy it quite a bit. But it's not a true competition because they meddle with it too much.
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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

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Yea gator i agree. I think they should change idea of fans to wins.  That way the grinders not exploiting the plays can grind it out. In elite 2 where ive been sititnf for a week. I lose i lose 80 percent fans. Since im stuck in 2 im not trying to go back to 3.    The fan system makes zero sense and the wins does since its a game of wins or losses. Then it wouldnt matter what they did. 

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Re: Overdrive Bs MM20

★★★★ Novice

Damn I am NOT Alone... seems like we all grind Overdrive hard and we reach so close to the top and our team crumbles. This losing nearly double than your win points can go take a hike!!!

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