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Network Timeout & Thanksgiving Day Greats Event

by Jasminelly

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Re: My madden mobile either has a network timeout or an error. HELP!!!

Community Manager


If you're experiencing any connectivity issues we recommend trying the steps below, however the team made changes this morning to address some in-game issues so it's likely you received this error due to requiring a restart of the app. 

This post is originally from 2014 so I'll be locking it down to avoid further necroposting. If you're still having trouble, please look for a more recent post to discuss connectivity issues on or create a new post. 


Android Troubleshooting


iOS Troubleshooting


Don't "necropost." Reviving, updating or bumping old, outdated and irrelevant threads is not helpful for our community. It's best to check when the thread was created before you hit post, just to make sure it's not 2 years old for example. 

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