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Re: My first drive in league play this season

by sunsetboy4ever

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My first drive in league play this season

★★★★ Novice

My first league drives this season happened today.

In my first drive...the game decided to cycle with the spinning football in the middle of a play screwing me up.

I havent seen that happen once this season...but it happened league play.


Same crap as last year for me in league play.


I just quit the the jinx that is still on me in league play doesnt affect the unbeaten league i was in.


You really suck, ea

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Re: My first drive in league play this season

★★★★ Novice

Lemme guess...i havent spent enough money


ok....whoevers gonna ban me this time...get on it


Make sure you send me a message declaring why you banned me, too....unlike the last couple times.


Ive been playin every day since reset...every day for a long time...first drives in league today...and that crap happens...crap i have not seen once since reset really know how to mess with a dudes head, dont you

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