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Madden overdrive Onyx Underperforming

by K0bogiga

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Madden overdrive Onyx Underperforming

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@EA_Kat @EA_Blueberry @EA_David  So with a team stacked like this. you'd expect run blocking and pass blocking to be on point. Why does my offensive line get pushed over like i'm running golds. even by a 102 defense. 

might want to look into the new onyx players as alot of them do not play anywhere near as good as some 97 and 99s. i use to get shutouts on defense before i added more onyx to my defense.

JuJu has butter fingers like Ebron. Mahomes is best qb but still 1/20 plays he will just pass it to a defender. Carter has been known to drop balls even when not in contact? (this is a must fix) 

My offensive line should not be getting pushed around by 96s-100. I heard some bad things about kittle but for me he has been great. Marcus allen. great. Eddie George hit or miss

When Ray Lewis UL plays better in 3-4 slot compared to bobby wagner or Urlacher. people still same von miller is better than both the onyx Lbs. and cmon those LB are built with all 99s finesse power press pursuit. I was told by someone in my league during our all madden Championships. that Demarcus Lawrence was pushed over by Taylor Moton 99OT 4 times in one drive. not counting the other drives. Apparently Lorenzo Alexander shows the same press as a 99 Dee Ford (which is bad) 

You have alot of the onyxs to look into. and why they are under performing. Playing with and against top 100 leagues you get alot of talk about them. Alot of people are upset with them and i'm sure i'm not the only one

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Re: Madden overdrive Onyx Underperforming

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@K0bogiga first of all, shout out to you.

I was going to make a post about the exact same thing. They play EXACTLY like all of the other players. It's always been like this. I'll bet you'll never get a response though, given their track record on stuff like this.
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