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I can't get in on my Ipad, now it appears to be starting over

by Rhinols

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I can't get in on my Ipad, now it appears to be starting over

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I haven't been able to get into the game for several hours.  It would crash as soon as the events screen loaded and wouldn't allow me to do anything.  I tried re-installing and now it looks like it's starting over.  I want my team back to play the haunted house event right now.  What is going on?

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Re: Cannot connect to Madden Mobile while logged in on my Facebook account

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I also recently have this problem. Game works if i start a new one but i log into my saved game and it will load up and then the app will close completely taking me back to my homescreen. Im on an iphone 5s.
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Re: Cannot connect to Madden Mobile while logged in on my Facebook account

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Exact same problem. I'm on iPhone 6. Works completely fine on the tutorial, but when I log onto my saved file it cloeses. Tried reinstalling the app and my phone multiple times, nothing works.
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Re: Madden nfl mobile crashing

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My problem started yesterday. I play logging on facebook. The game works normally, but after clicking on head to head crashes. Tested on three devices with Android (LG G2, LG V500, Prestigio tablet). The same result.

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App crashes every time i try playing head to head or look at my messages someone help i tried uninstalling n still nothing worked
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madden mobile

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It goes to load screen with the spinning circle then crashes, will I lose all my memory I delete and redownload
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Crashing madden mobile

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Everytime i go into the app it says most feared packs are now available heres yours! And when i press claim and continure it just crashes please help thank you
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Crashing and disappeared team

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Every time I play any game including live events my team shows up as all this number 11 player and they all walk so the other team dominates. When I try to look at my team in team management, all the cards are blank and when I try to click it crashes. What happened to my team because I was a 82 rank and want my team back!
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App crashing (madden NFL mobile)

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This issue started two days ago when my madden Mobile app started crashing. I thought it was going to go away after a while. But it didn't. Every time I went into the game, it would load and tell me that I could collect the most feared pack. I tap on the spot where it says "claim and continue". When I tap on it it starts to load and then crashes. Could someone please help me. Also I am using and iPhone 5s (if that matters).
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Re: Crashing madden mobile

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This is exactly what I am having trouble with
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