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Madden mobile

by Humdinger504

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Madden mobile

★★★★ Guide

I'm almost 100% sure it's safe to say that I speak for the vast majority of, if not, everyone when I say, we don't like overdrive and it's format and we don't want overdrive and it's format. Bring back regular football. Bring back regular Madden mobile. Bring back sets. Ea's number one problem since Madden mobile's inception is that y'all always roll out more stuff instead of working on, fixing and mastering what you have already. Ea you don't even have a stable foundation with Madden mobile yet because of your greed (it's absolutely absurd and ridiculous the things y'all are doing to us even though y'all know we already faithfully spend money) and inconsistencies. Since mobile has been out, the only things that have been consistent since 2015 are the issues, problems, bugs, glitches, something always being wrong, less than stellar or dependable customer service and something always not working as you say they are supposed to and as advertised. Y'all already have a faithful fan base. We like and love this game. I for one have been playing Madden since 1992 when the ambulance used to ride through and hit the players. I kinda enjoyed that, I was a child at that time, what did you expect haha. I'll be the first to say that I appreciate the effort you guys have and are putting into this game, but right now overdrive just isn't it. At all. Fantasy style scoring isn't it. The time never stops even between plays. We have to hurry up and pick a play because you don't want to lose any time and give your opponent an edge. And I'm 100% sure that, that was one of the biggest and main reasons people were spamming plays. They kind of had no choice to be fair. I mean, what do you expect when you don't have any time to go through the playbook and to add insult to injury, you have to fire off tactics as well for points. It's obvious, well at least it seems, that y'all didn't think this one all the way through, didn't do extensive testing and just simply wasn't ready for such a huge overhaul like this. Bring back sets, we need them and we want them. Bring back MADDEN FOOTBALL. That's the whole point of the game and the only reason we have this app in the first place. 16 was actually a really good year for Madden mobile, but, since then, it's been going downhill and it fell off a cliff this season. It's becoming unbearable, the experience is getting worse and it's just not as fun to play anymore because of all of the changes y'all made and all of the things y'all have taken away. It's honestly not even as fun as it was last season. It's like we're playing because of habit and not because we want to anymore. Thank you for your time.


Sincerely, a concerned, avid and faithful Madden player.

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Re: Madden mobile

Well said @Humdinger504
Intelligent criticism and well written.
Unlike most of the crying, whining EA sucks posts we normally get.
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Re: Madden mobile

★★★★ Guide
I try not to get the message lost I translation ya know.
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