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Re: Madden mobile 20 new 82s

by thegatorfan122

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Madden mobile 20 new 82s

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Cant wait to get my team player 82 jaylon smith.  Oh wait.   Might be toward end of year when they are useless



buying only team players- 76-79 type players- jaylon smith sean lee cost upwards of 50,000 coin a piece.  And are hard to get in general.  So I have to spend 500000 coin just on that part to get a player worth 180,000?  No thanks. 


This was a joke making the 76+ 70+ by team.  

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Re: Madden mobile 20 new 82s

@kelleysheros I agree 💯 percent bro. The team hero sets are useless and not well thought out. It would make more sense if you could use any offensive or defensive player 76+ but when they decided to make it team specific they also decided to make it next to impossible and not worth doing.
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Re: Madden mobile 20 new 82s

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Each 76 gold is going for 5ok coins.  So 10 of then just for that. 

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Re: Madden mobile 20 new 82s

@kelleysheros Yeah, so if you go the auction house route you're gonna spend a minimum of half a million coins just for the 76+ players. Not to mention how much you will have to spend on the silvers and 71+ players.
And if you wait until you earn those players you might get one by February. 🤷‍♂️
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