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Madden crashing glitch

by YaBoySlushie

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Madden crashing glitch

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During a couple games, my network sometimes cuts off from madden. The internet on my computer is great at the time and never cuts off. The problem is, it cuts off before I recieve my reward. I put in actual money in this game to recieve absolutely nothing. The 10 stamina from the domination game was worth nothing. This happened 2 times and It really sucks. Is there a way that I can get the items i've lost? Like a collect button somewhere? Or is it gone?

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Re: Madden crashing glitch

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There are alot of network issues with the game.  I generally can't get on in the evening.  Like right now actually.  I just keep hitting log in with facebook.  It seems they are no longer putting the resources toward the game.


As far as the missing auctions, they should show up eventually.  I'm pretty sure I haven't seen all my wins or coins returned but most do eventually show up.

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