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Madden Today events not working correctly

by IceJuicer

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Madden Today events not working correctly

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I was playing the signature live event today where you had 2 attempts to prevent 20 yards. The first time, it worked as intended, but I played it four more times after that and each time the offense would run a play and get less than 20 yards but it come up saying I lost and kick me out using up my stamina and not giving me any rewards even thought I didn’t actually lose

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Signature event bug??

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So I’ve played the event all day with zero issue ..5 min ago i play it and the objective is to stop them from gaining 20 yards , first try I stuff them for -3 yards ...then that’s it ...event over and I lost ..umm I’m supposed to have to attempts not one and not only did I lose but now I’m out of the 100+ stamina since I tried it again..and again just to see if what I was seeing was real !..yes , it was real and it was dumb,very dumb.Great stuff ea always .

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Re: Madden Today events not working correctly

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Thank you for the posts. The event in question was rotated out a little after your posts, and the base cause of the issue is being looked at. 

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