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Re: Madden NFL Mobile game progress

by VishalCoolGuy

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Madden NFL Mobile game progress

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So I have my Madden NFL Overdrive (Madden NFL Mobile) progress saved to my old Game Center account. I never deleted my Game Center account, so if I log into it then the progress will be there. It's just that I don't know the password to the account. I'm trying to figure out if I can take my progress from the old Game Center account and link it to my new one, since I forgot the password to the old one.

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Re: Madden NFL Mobile game progress

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Hey, the best way forward is probably to contact apple support to try get control back of the Game Center account, as it sounds like you'll have a conflict if you try to use a new one. 

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Re: Madden NFL Mobile game progress

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I actually know someone who might know the password or who can access it since it is their Apple ID, but they let me use their Game Center. My question was can I unlink my madden account to the initial Game Center account (the one I lost the password for) and link it to my new one?
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