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Re: Madden Mobile 20 overdrive issues?

by Sp3w4567

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Madden Mobile 20 overdrive issues?

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Any way to let our picked defenses in overdrive?  I mean im sick of overdrive already.  1200 power 77 overall im losing to 72/790s because they are hitting a ton of 1 play scorings. Hail mary hail mary hail mary hail mary, pa switch pa switch pa switch sluggo sluggo sluggo mesh switch mesh switch mesh switch.  Im pretty sure the game is not designed for this exploiting but go look in top 100 at the 72-77s in the top 100 and tell me how? Cause i win one lose one in elite 2 right now.  


Id rather get my own defense in to try and prevent this rather than let EAs apparently non working defense intelligence do it.  

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 overdrive issues?

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play spamming and lower power/overalls dominating better teams were both issues last season. ea stuck their head in the sand and Just pretended it wasn't an issue.

 both annoy me. no way a team runs the same play over and over and scores a td against a NFL level defense.

 I wish ea would address these issues

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