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Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

by kelleysheros

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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@thegatorfan122thx for the explaination, seriously


never seen that happen n didnt even know it exists in reality. altough 160 pts seem quite alot or am i missing smthg. nevermind, maybe they gave me a rarity bonus lol - like 15-hit-combo royal flush kinda thing - well, i'll never find out...i can live with that uncertainty lol


bottom line is - they can fool around, i mean they already do - massively. they dont have to agree with a random like me but this random here doesnt have to agree with their, imho disrespectful and way way overboarding, idiotic tactics either. and i dont - not even slightly


thx, glgl

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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OD is a scam. The matchmaking is brutal and most of the games come down to the challenges.  What you aren’t seeing is that 116 points is SUPPOSED to be them beating a challenge too.  The challenges, even more than the play calling is why OD is never fair. Then once you get an OVR over 80 it only gets worse, at the very beginning and very end of each level you’ll be even or -3 or -5 OVR. They pull this at bronze 3 and what goes on in elite 1 is borderline psychological abuse.   That Madden still forces us to play OD in order to get a full playbook is the reason why so few people are playing and more will quit before the regular season even starts.  This game will be ghost town by the time the draft happens.  EA doesn’t care, so long as there are addicts who spend $100 when they get cheated a few times in a row they’re going to keep treating all of us like this.

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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@gsmile716878646In order to get EA to enact real change is to speak with our wallets. In order to do that there has to be an en masse boycott of spending money which is difficult to organize and even more difficult to implement as there are a lot of guys that are going to spend money no matter what.

I remember last season there was a big problem with hopper and hacker leagues ruining the lvl standings. Somehow some influential mm players were able to organize and nearly implement a massive spending boycott. Just days before the boycott was to begin a bunch of well known hacker leagues were reset, several bans were handed out, and new rules to prevent hopping were implemented.

Just goes to show money talks very loudly at EA. They know we don't like OD but for some reason they keep it a part of the game. Whoever designed it isn't ready to admit defeat. But most guys are still going to spend money for the other parts of the game so they have no incentive to fix it.

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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Do that survey they put out if it pops up. Have the info isnt transferred

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