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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

by thalastg

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Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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@EA_Blueberry can you explain to me in the picture how this guy got 116 points on a 3 yard run with no extras in.  


This overdrive thing needs to be fixed.  Its confusing how the scoring is like this.  3 yard run 116 points makes zero sense.  This idea of overdrive would make more sense if people werent ripping of same plays.  This guy here. A coach with a 5 a player with a 3 and a 76 overall was lower than all mine.  His power was 200+ higher.  However how does he score 116 points on a 3 yard rush?

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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While on this topic. How many bots are in this game we play cause its literally 50/50 constantly. These guys playing this game from a samsung with an app helping them? Ive had quite a few glitchy games. And ive heard of some playing with a bot app that helps their leagues (not this guy in general) but only for samsung

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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@kelleysherosyou will not get any answers here although this place is called answers hq.


i have no plausible answer to your pic either other than that this game is so heavily bugged and glitched that they wont tell you why smthg happens bc they dont know and have no clue how to fix it so the best they can offer is to stay silent. yes i am sure there are hackng activities too, 100%. i had an arena game won where in fact i lost 12-14. i uploaded a pic of that too. no answer as well.


look this one - an interception in od by my cb is called safety and i got 160 points


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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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I got a good one for you too

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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@thalastg look at that. Rush for no gain.  Touchdown lol. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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@kelleysheros  yeah the no gain thing is like forever exactly that way. the problem i see with od scoring and therfor the potential outcome of the match, if its not networktimeouting me, is that it sometimes seem to be completely random numbers at random events. look at the pass scoreing before the interception above. no captain bonus, at least not specifical declared, but massive points on that pass too.

knowingly repeating me here - if they cant determine correctly the winner of a matchup with a score 12-14 - how tf should i have trust in them in close od matchups with scores 100 times higher - when a simple interception can count simply out of the blue 160 or 22 yrd passes 225 points.


edit: or in your case 3yrd runs 116 - all of the shown examples seem completely fictional


edit 2 : 160 points interception safety - like wtf should that even be? lol

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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I hate that they have control of what plays the defense runs. It drives me nuts. Cuase all these one play players wouldnt score so easy if we could put ours in

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

@thalastg If you go through the film thoroughly you'll see that they don't even show all of the plays that were run. Trying to make sense of overdrive film is an exersize in futility. EA guys don't even know how to read it.
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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

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@thegatorfan122  i know man. look if the guys that made this cant read nor willing to explain it you know its bad, like unaccaptable bad - atleast for me


i mentioned missing od matchups in gamehistory in another thread a few days ago. thats not bc i am inspector gadget or have enhanced masochistic tendencies but just tried to look into specific games that just didnt felt right the way they went. (eg blowing stable comfortable lead without failing to continue to deliver on my part)

if hackers, glitchy servers, both or god knows what causes these issues - i dont know, and they dont holla back if it is mentioned here. if we now add random scores with random numbers on random plays, c'mon man. if we just add to have to deal with complete fictional events with complete fictional numbers like interception safeties - wtf is an interception safety can someone explain?? - its too stupid for me to continue.


i mean the nerds who created this, and nerds in general, are normally not that great in sports thats why they went the nerd-route in first place - who knows maybe they thought 'fantasy football' + 'fictional plays that dont even exist' will fly great together, i mean, i can see that lol


on the other hand you have gcguys that seem to get paid for this kind of testing stuff but they seem to be wasting their time with making 'stupid suprised faces'-thumbnails on their yt-channel and pack opening in the thousands with their childish and miserable selftrained marketing bs.



so i am done not only here but with this game in general - fictional idiocity plus constant ntos pushed me over the cliff reallly fast. (i nto'ed easy 15-20 ranked hof matchups in the last two days alone - thats enough)


to call it in ea's term - i interception safetied - otherwise they may not even get what i am talking about here at all


good luck gator

was fun reading n writing with you

take care man

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Re: Madden Mobile 20 0D scoring?

@thalastg I hate to see you go man. It always sucks to lose a brother baller. This company has lost so many in the past 13 months.
And I honestly believe that if they would make OD fair and straight up with no codes or algorithms, it would be a fun game mode. But they are dead set on fooling around with it.

Good luck man. Sorry to see you go.

PS- an interception/safety is when a defender catches the ball inside the end zone, then runs out, then back in and gets tackled or goes out of bounds while in the end zone.
I can't remember the last time I saw that in a real game. Maybe never. But it happens in the game quite a bit.
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