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Re: Madden Masters Lock Out?

by Wyndriah

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Madden Masters Lock Out?

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  1. I have been working on the Alvin Kamara Masters 84 ovr upgrade set and had a bit of a mistake. I accidentally exchanged my 73 OVR Marcus Peters in the front office for points. This was purely by accident but it has effectively barred me from being able to complete the 84 ovr upgrade Kamara set. I put in a request to EA for assistance and while the support was outstanding there wasn't anything that could be done to revert that exchange. I've since provided feedback that those master sets should be repeatable with the players being no auction. The sheer cost of completing those sets are already so high that they aren't even worth doing outside the purpose of completing the master upgrade sets. If anyone has had this same issue please take the time to send feedback to EA for a fix to this. I am very excited for the return of sets but would really like to be able to finish said sets.
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Re: Madden Masters Lock Out?

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@Wyndriah I haven't had this happen yet but knew this would be an issue. those players should not be able to be exchanged
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Re: Madden Masters Lock Out?

@Wyndriah The same thing happened to my league mate during the Juju set. One morning he logged in and EA returned the player to him. He never contacted support or anything. It was just given back to him.
Hopefully they do the same for you man. Just wanted to let you know there's still hope.
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Re: Madden Masters Lock Out?

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Hi Gatorfan,

My response from EA support was that the transaction as final and there was absolutely nothing that could be done. Lol I would very very gladly give back the minimal amount of front office points for the Marcus Peters card especially since it was purely an accidental transaction. I guess part of my responsibility as a player is to keep track of what I'm trading especially when I've got over 30 gold players on my bench. Heh.

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Re: Madden Masters Lock Out?

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Right?! I mean there were items in last season that were marked as non-auction and no-trade. That would be a great fix. I know EA has the function to do it but I maybe there can be a content update down the road. Personally I'm not a market lingering player and much prefer to obtain my roster by playing events so having some promotional players marked as no auction/no trade would make sets much more of an achievement for players. That sense of completion seems to be greatly diminished when a card is lost by some random accident or glitch.

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