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MM overdrive 20

by kelleysheros

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MM overdrive 20

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Can you not fix the bs between playing people higher power?  Play someone less there arent really any discrepancies. Play someone better my qb throws to people in stands.  Wr is catching sticks of butter.  My oline is blocking a pack of wolves.  Seriously man this needs figured out badly. 


Goal line plain needs help too.  Fell in endzone today after getting hit it gave me a turnover on downs instead of a td.  Right on top of goalline. Whole body fell in endzone.  


Line blocking still horrible


fix qb design runs: this is a big one.  If he is on a designed run he shouldnt fumble every time he gets hit.  Every time run with the qb and get hit he fumbles.   Its awful to have the play and you cant run them.  

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Re: MM overdrive 20

@kelleysheros Yeah, agreed about the qb running... If it's a designed run his fumble percentage shouldn't be the same as if he is scrambling, but that seems like that's the case.
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