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Lost players

by snakizee

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Lost players

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So I posted on here awhile ago but no one responded and I believe it got deleted.

Anyways. I purchased a 15 pack of players. That one pack that was pink to support some kind of cause. I don't remember. So after doing so I had an overall team average through all about 85. After about three days I lost all of my players from that and even more. I purchased a punter and a quarter back for coins and a few other players that I also lost. The quarter back I had was tony romo. So I don't get why I lost those players bc I bought then like a few weeks before that.

Not sure what caused this glitch or problem but my game still continued just I lost all my players one day. It's like I'm back in season two but I'm in season like 6.

I paid 50$ for that pack and no longer have those players after that update. I would like a refund of my money. This is stealing.

My overall team average now is 75. So that's a big difference.

Also that most feared pack that you guys gave for free I also lost a overall average player of 85 that feared to 90 something as we'll. Not sure if that helps.
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