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Re: Lost or never received rewards missing cash

by lkbroach

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Lost or never received rewards missing cash

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The past 3 weeks have been horrible! Multiple purchases of my own money I didnt receive full  reward...the reward wasn't worded properly. I would like a refund for purchases I made while toty was still going and I never received any compensation from losing all of the toty I had been working spending money forb2 weeks trying to get my fav player Darius Leonard and Russel Wilson toty all my contents gone I just bought the triple booster they charged me and I haven't gotten credit for that at all!!! Um...overdrive & arena past two weeks I got bronze and gold rewards instead of my hall of fame and whenever I redeem my tokens they always give me a bronze badge instead of what division I was in. And I noticed today after I purchased the triple booster for 2 weeks and nothing took my madden cash and I dont have my rewards I earned from that today and how do I go from 150 madden cash down to 100...I'm quite upset I had to call you guys yesterday about a separate issue you guys helped me with yesterday....and veen waiting the longest 18 minutes for the call from you guys to guys like stealing people's money I love your game but i only hope these past two three weeks was just major technical problems...I demand answers compensation with keeping my team as of now without change keeping game progress and a hefty amount of compensation.and in two m ok months I've had this app I've spent close to 1000 dollars in this app..I believe I should be um let's say b treated like a king by u guys right now cause it just seems like you all have taken ugly reviews and feedback all last month..most importantly fix debug and process theses components in the complaint to you all I love the game it cant he perfect but if I'm spending money and maybe go slightly unaware of what issues were occurring at the time and didnt put two and two together that two weeks ago I've been shorted in at least one thing I can point out wash day of the week but 2 day..plz fix

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Re: Lost or never received rewards missing cash

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If you want help from EA_Blueberry it would be better if you didn’t ramble and make bullet point lists instead of a long rambling narrative!


You have several issues so I’d keep them separate so he can focus on them one at a time.


(DO NOT post your Madden User ID publicly) so they can look into your account and then summarize your request at the bottom in one concise thought.


I’ve spent 1,000’s on here too and that I’d hope that would get their attention and give my requests priority.... it doesn’t! So I feel your pain!


Also, look on the Help threads to see if any one of your issues have been already asked and addressed then just reply with your issue.


I hope this helps you as it’s a great game but can be very frustrating when you don’t get help or feedback from EA!!!


EA_Blueberry: Edited response to avoid confusion


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