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Login issues

by Sonic1101

Original Post

Login issues

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Installed the overdrive update and it will not let me login. It says my account is already linked then won't let me any further. Please help me fix this.

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Re: Login issues

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Re: Login issues

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Can you please let us know if re-linking your game via Facebook helps you here:



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Re: Login issues

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I'm having the same issue. I was playing a PVP match and the game crashed and now I get this message. I went to the link you provided but I can't find any such things in settings. Is that thru Facebook or thru EA setting?

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Account linked to device error cant login

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I was playing madden overdrive when it released on Tuesday night. Was playing a PVP match when the game crashed and since then haven't been able to log in. I keep getting this error message saying my account is already linked to my device... which sounds to me like the game thinks I'm already logged in but the game won't open and I need to log out of my madden overdrive account but issue with that is I can't log in to log back out. I have a case with EA help and none of the people there seem to have any idea on how to fix my log in issue. I think I'm stuck in the EA server since the game crashed while playing a PVP match. I talked to a guy at EA help and had to explain to him 4 times what my issue was he said I need to show proof of purchase so they can compensate me for madden cash I had in my account and they will just give me a new account.... like wtf? I don't want a new account I want you to fix my issue so I can log in with my account I've had for 3 years. Hopefully a developer or someone higher up in EA will get this because the customer service at EA help is useless.

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Re: Login issues

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Mine is google play.

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Re: Account linked to device error cant login

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I just had another phone call with EA help and this guy tells me that they are aware of this issue and looking for a fix. Apparently it's cool I just have to sit with my thumbs up my a$$ until they do a update patch. Great job EA with this one way to screw over your devoted gamers.

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Where are the EA moderators? Need help!!!

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Thank you so much for replying us back.

Donald, please let me share that we do not have any option to make a contact of your to the moderators, however if you will post this on the forum our moderator will take a look into the case. From my side I have also shared the same with concern team.

Due to the nature of issue, it might take some time but our team will resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you once again for contacting EA Help,

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Google Login Failed: device is already linked to this madden account

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The same error has been occurring for years!! Updated Madden Mobile and here we are again in the same situation.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


I have gone so far as to clear cache and data, uninstall, close all apps, shutdown device. Power on device, install Madden again, and still get the same old "device is already linked to this madden account" when I try to login with existing Google user.


Is there seriously no work around for this? How is this still an issue after YEARS of this reoccurring problem?

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Re: Google Login Failed: device is already linked to this madden account

Community Manager

Hey Madden Mobile fans,

The team rolled out an update to fix crashes and we are hoping this also addressed it for you. Are you able to login to the game with Facebook/Google/Apple after downloading the latest update from the store?


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