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Re: Maddel NFL 18 Live events locked

by killashane512

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Madden mobile help

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I am stuck and unable to complete my daily goal that is required for me to level up. it asks me to complete a liver evnt but all the events are locked and I can't go to the main menu option. I've tried troubleshooting but that doesn't work. Can you fix?
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Re: Maddel NFL 18 Live events locked

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What level are you right now? It could be based on how much XP you have and your level. Are you at least level 6? 

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Re: Live Events are Blacked Out and Unplayable

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I too am having this issue. I am instructed to complete a live event to move forward but all of the live events are locked.

I am on android 7
I have cleared the cache for the app, to no avail.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled, also fixed nothing.
Logging in from another device also changed nothing.
This is very disappointing, I purchased the 7 day 100% xp bonus. Its looking like that is going to be yet another loss if the fix doesnt come until the next update.
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Re: Live Events are Blacked Out and Unplayable

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I think its something to do with android 7 because that's what I use
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Re: Everything is locked and I can get them unlocked

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I'm right there with you. I've been stuck in tutorial since the game began. Tells me to complete live event, but there isn't one available to complete. Has anyone found a fix for this yet?

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Madden mobile/ bug

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I can't play live events I did the daily obojets, I did Brady camp, I did h dad to dead but I can't do live events 

when does long shot work and I was told to make a new acc is that true can you plz help and I'm a lvl 6 

madden moible

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Locked out

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Same thing. Locked out of live events, daily goal, season, h2h, and inbox.
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Re: Everything is locked and I can get them unlocked

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I don't have this problem, but I am trying to help Measles get into the game. I know, in his case, I had gifted him the Josh Norman kickoff player before he got into the game and wonder if that triggered the problem. Does anyone else having this problem know if anyone gifted you Norman? I imagine you could tell if there is a unread message in the top right.

Also, has anyone having the problem hit level 5? That was when the game opened up for everyone else, and I wonder if getting there would circumvent the tutorial. I know measles can play h2h drives with league mates to get XP, but at 10 a pop that would be a long process for something that might not even work.
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gameplan area is locked

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my gameplan area is locked because it says that i dont have any gameplan items. however, i DO have gameplan items!!! i bought a defensive unit with last season's tickets, i have a 2 point conversion blocker from the auction house, as well as 3 different bronze gameplan items. i had them loaded onto gameplan #1, but i cannot access the gameplan area anymore. this is important, please help!!

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Re: Live Events are Blacked Out and Unplayable

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Believe me it is not Android related. I am on iOS and have the same issue. Have raised a ticket but still no response. So frustrating. unbelievable that a tutorial would be so buggy when released. Understand other bugs would take time to solve but this sort of issue (across multiple platforms) should have been ironed out ahead of release.

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