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Re: Madden mobile 18 not working

by killashane512

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Live Events are Blacked Out and Unplayable

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Why are live events blacked out and unplayable?  It says to "play a head to head drive to unlock this event".  I've played more than 10 head to heads, am at level 6 and have 595,500 fans.  So why is this blacked out?  Also the navagation arrows back to the main page are not working so i have to completely close out of madden and restart to get anywhere.  Please help!!

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Re: Live Events are Blacked Out and Unplayable

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Community Manager

Hello all,


As per our previous comment we are getting back to you with an update. As called out by @lewok795, Madden Mobile has released a update over the weekend that should resolve this issue, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this and thanks for bearing with us while we worked on the problem. If you have any concerns or are still encountering this problem please let us know.





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Madden mobile 18 not working

★★★★ Newbie
my game lagged me to the menu during the tutorial and now when I get back in my objective is to complete a live event and when I go to the live event screen all the events are locked is there anyway to fix this? I've arealdy deleted the app and restarted my phone. Thanks!
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Madden Mobile Problems

★★★★ Novice
I had a problem today with not being able to progress through my game after completing all of the challenges as asked to unlock the life events and tournaments, and I also had problems with not being able to open up my top left hand corner menu to check my sets, team, etc. I just posted this to show ea I was one of the many players with these problems, and because the ea service provider told me to post this after our call.
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Re: Madden mobile 18 not working

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I had the same issue, I just had to go back in and complete the Brady tutorial and all was good. 

Were you able to complete that and add the Brady Camp reward to the set?

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Re: Madden mobile 18 not working

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Yes, I have the team elite player.  But I can't get to the Brady camp where you get Brady.  It won't come up.

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Re: Madden Mobile Problems

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Did EA give you any resolution or tell you how to fix the problem?

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Re: Madden mobile 18 not working

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Did you get any resolution?  This sounds similar to one of my problems.

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Re: Live Events are Blacked Out and Unplayable

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This is a joke.


got the install yesterday, finished the brady camp and got the elite player. it now says play a live event for the next part of the daily event but all the live events are locked.


the training camp one says do the next daily event to unlock but i can't as that is the event i need to do.


i have spoken to support and they have tried to help but there is a problem with the game. For a game as big as Madden this has been a really poor launch.

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Re: Madden mobile 18 not working

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I never got anything but an elite player for completing the Brady camp. Sounds like this is the issue.

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Re: Madden Mobile Problems

★★★★★ Newbie

I have the same problem.  I played the live event before doing the tutorial and did not get credit for doing the live event on the daily goals.  Now that I have gotten to the place in the tutorial to play that event they are all blacked out and require things like head to head or season or complete daily goals, none of which can happen until a live event is played.  I also can not open the top left corner.  It would be nice if they would just add a live event that does not require anything to unlock it.

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