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League Trading Update


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League Trading Update

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I’d like to propose a league trading feature for the next update. The way it would work is it should have a “trading” tab so people inside a league could trade cards and it can’t just be about overall because if someone has 3 good halfbacks and needs a cornerback they could trade a great running back for a decent corner. 


I hope you take my idea into consideration -B1RB

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Re: League Trading Update

@B1RBSEED This is something we have been begging them for for a long, long time.
The argument is that there are always cheaters out there looking for a way around the rules. So guys will create multiple accounts and use on account as a main and use his alt accounts to trade thier good players to feed his main account thus creating one super team.
Guys like that ruin it for us all. I would absolutely love a trade feature.

I really think they could do it if they regulated the trades by giving each card a trade value. That way it wouldn't allow a 60 silver and a 89 elite be allowed as a single trade.
Something like elite for elite or 2 golds for an elite... Etc.
It would add another layer of enjoyment to the league experience and I personally would love to have this feature.
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Re: League Trading Update

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@B1RBSEED we all want this and have been asking for it for years. gator is right tho cheaters would abuse it.
also ea won't do it. makes it easier to get the cards you want without spending $$.
if ea cared about making a good game it would be in the game. ea only cares about $$$$
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Re: League Trading Update

@Sp3w4567 So imagine this. Each player gets assigned a trade value. And in order to make a trade the the point values have to match.
Say like an 84 elite is worth 1000 trade points. But an 81 is only worth 300. And higher tier cards have a higher trade value.
So you couldn't trade a tier 1 81 for a tier 4 84, you would have to add more players to the trade to match the trade value of the player you want.
I'm sure that even this system could be exploitable, but it's something we all want and most guys would use it properly
Some type of trade system would make the game much more engaging and interesting.
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Re: League Trading Update

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@thegatorfan122 I agree 100% it should have happened long ago and needs to happen.
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