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Last chance kickoff?!?!

by Sp3w4567

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Last chance kickoff?!?!

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EA lost any chance of me purchasing any of the last chance kickoff packs. once again EA was unclear when events, sets and packs would no longer be available. 

 I had a couple sets about half way done. since we never know for sure what ea is doing at the end of promos I pulled everything from those sets. I used the collectibles to get what gold and elite players I could. then I sold them on AH while they still had some value. 

  I'm at 25,600 kickoff points. I  still have a couple achievements to complete. with those achievements and completing the master sets I was working on I would have reached 30k kickoff points, earning Strahan.

 I will not spend to replace the items for sets I sold because ea was not upfront with us about this promo.

I just want EA to know that by making promos confusing rather than clearly notifying us players when events, sets and packs for each promo will be available and end they lost me as a consumer for these packs

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Re: Last chance kickoff?!?!

@Sp3w4567 I don't know what is so damn hard about putting a calender in the daily news, or better yet on the promo page itself. Seems like a such an easy and logical thing to do.
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Re: Last chance kickoff?!?!

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@thegatorfan122I'm guessing they think by keeping us in the dark they are creating a sense of urgency and people will spend more when they have the opportunity.
this bs has the exact opposite  affect on me

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Re: Last chance kickoff?!?!

@Sp3w4567 Maybe they are so disconnected that they don't realize how many disgruntled players they have because promo events end right before they are able to finish.
Maybe they don't care 🤷‍♂️
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Re: Last chance kickoff?!?!

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@thegatorfan122 I'm not real happy about it. I'm at 27k now with one achievement left. had I kept the other players and collectibles I could have used the "last chance" to earn Strahan. now I'll end up just short of him smh.
did you get your Strahan gator?
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Re: Last chance kickoff?!?!

@Sp3w4567 Yeah.. I bought the starter pack, grinded out all the achievements and did like 3 complete kickoff seasons
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Re: Last chance kickoff?!?!

@thegatorfan122 Oh, and traded in a * ton of gold and silver cards I bought cheap in the ah
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Re: Last chance kickoff?!?!

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@thegatorfan122 nice work man!! I'm gona play the season as much as I can but doubt I get it. i have all achievements done now but only a little over 27k
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Re: Last chance kickoff?!?!

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@thegatorfan122 I'll play season if I can... now it crashes every time I select my team
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Re: Last chance kickoff?!?!

@Sp3w4567 Uninstall and reinstall your game. It's the only way to fix that. But you get 50 ko points for each season win and 200 points for winning the Superbowl so you get like 1000 ko points for each completed season
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