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Re: Is my luck really this bad ?

by socratic_t

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Is my luck really this bad ?

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So as I've been keeping count of this year pulls I have this so far 


1200 stamina on EACH primetime event 0 elite pulls 


2.8 million on pro packs for bo Jackson pulled 1 80 aaron rodgers 1 80 tussle Wilson 


1.9 million on pro packs for Vick 1 80 joe Staley 


Completed aces , veterans , royals 60 times each 0 elites 


A random 1.2 million on pro packs out of bordem 0 elites 


1000's of madden today events 0 elite pulls 


0 random elite pulls of any promo 


5k gems $5 spent on boom or bust ...guess what I busted everytime 


The only elites I have pulled where elites that I "built" 


So could it be my 2 star rating on google play , my constant complaints of over drive in this fourm , is it because I have a almost paid for 86 offense 87 defense team a d ea feels like that's just good enough or is it i just have the worst luck in the game this year one of those have to be true @EA_David . Honest question do you have any insight? 

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Re: Is my luck really this bad ?

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@Bird0662 I tried The Grab Bag Buy Pack for $500 cash to get any 80+ ovr 5 x’s and only got silver players, so I guess just the luck or bad luck of the draw!
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Re: Is my luck really this bad ?

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I would like to announce I finally got an 80 elite player from veterans set and got 88 fletcher cox from a boom or bust,  

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Re: Is my luck really this bad ?

@Bird0662 Nice bro. Maybe your luck is turning around!! 👍
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Re: Is my luck really this bad ?

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@Bird0662 Nice pull. I have only pulled busts this year.

And I can't tell you how many times I have completed aces, veterans and royals. I can tell you the best I have pull is gold 79 players. Not one elite. I figure it is just training fodder.
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