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Re: Info about recent update

by thegatorfan122

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Info about recent update

Community Manager

Hi guys, HSD posted some info about the most recent update to Reddit, here's what he had to say


User Catch:

  • Tapping the catch button is completely optional. If you do nothing, the game will proceed exactly the same way that it has previously. You aren't putting yourself at a disadvantage by choosing not to tap, or by attempting and failing.

  • You can tap anywhere on the screen to activate the catch boost, it doesn't have to be in the circle.

  • The catch boost will show up only when the ball will be in the air for at least 1.5 seconds. This is why you sometimes wont have the option on shorter passes or bullet passes.

  • The boost you receive is a boost to the catch chance, but not a guaranteed catch.

Tactics Boost UI:

  • We are going to be removing the UI showing the boosts in the near future. The original idea was that it would allow you to quickly identify areas to avoid on the defense and also confirm that tactics were producing the intended results. Obviously all of that was outweighed by the distracting clutter on the screen.

Event Scrolling Carousel:

  • Why the change was made: The idea was to expand hub capabilities for future programs going forward like Ultimate Freeze. There is new tech that will allow us to design programs with tons of events without the need for one huge carousel. So going forward the programs will be designed in a way that would eliminate the need to endlessly scroll.

  • The side affect is that past programs like 24/7 are put in a hard spot. I agree that the 24/7 hub is going to be really hard to manage without a way to see the events chronologically. I've been discussing with the team this morning about some options we have to make a change on that hub to alleviate the issue we created.

New Camera Angles:

  • We added in new camera angle options. If you go into settings then preferences you have two new options for Camera Mode:

    • Presnap Wide - Show a wide camera angle during presnap

    • Coordinator - Aerial view of the field (this is probably closer to what you saw in previous Madden Mobile seasons)

Defensive Strategy:

  • This will be unlocked once the update is forced to all users. Typically we force an update after it has been available for 1-2 days.

Blitz Tournaments:

  • The first one will start tomorrow, but since it is starting later in the week it will be only two rounds.

  • All tournaments after will be three rounds (Mon-Tues, Wed-Thurs, Fri-Sun)

  • The first two rounds you will use your existing lineups and players. The third round will be the draft round.

  • We have the ability to expand to more draft rounds in the future if it is popular.

Ultimate Freeze won't be coming this week, and we'll hage some preview info for you before it arrives. 

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Re: Info about recent update

★ Guide
Thanks for post @EA_David, some very useful stuff.
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Re: Info about recent update

Awesome. Thanks brother
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Re: Info about recent update

★★★★ Guide
So a couple of times today I tried the catch boost with the feast master cj when he was wide open, like wide open, wide open and he still dropped the ball. He's the best wr or one of, in the game right now. He's ratings plus the 25% catch boost should all but guarantee him catching wide open passes that fall literally dead in his hands. Just to put that out there. And it happened 4 times by the way. Four different times.
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Re: Info about recent update

★ Guide
Man the only progress I can see is a new camera angle, which incidentally I like. All the existing problems are still present, do you guys at EA actually listen to the fans?

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Re: Info about recent update

★★★★ Novice

The Blitz Tournie doesn't seem to reset for the second round - is this as intended? So, once you have achieved all 7 rewards, there's nothing else to get/do?

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Re: Info about recent update

It would appear so bro. I was really disappointed.
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