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Re: Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious!

by thegatorfan122

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Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious!

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Ive got 3700 team power of this morning.

Last night, at 3650, i got 24 dropped on me in lvl. 3700...with a sizable plus against my opponent...i got 8.

I absolutely loved it(HATED ) when my 110 rb refused to make a slight turn and shoot the open gap for atleast a first down...instead, he kept goin sideways and was tackled for a loss.

The pick i threw...that was hilarious too.

I would not have thrown to that receiver if i knew the cb was actually the flash and could be 2 places at once yards apart.


Ea...i know someone in your organization is getting a good laugh at my expense.


All those cases i made...which i let close.

All those times i was told by people who could shoot me a pro pack anytime, that not one of them could get in my game and mess with my gameplay.


Karma....gets us all.


I dont like being screwed with like this.


Haha...ol sunsetboy...hes an idiot....we'll show him for bringing all those cases...against blueberry and others


Hilarious.  And pathetic.


Im disabled.  Due to mental illness.  Under u.s. law.

And ea keeps on messin with me and wont admit it.


No one should or needs to answer here...unless youre an ea employee.

This is for them.

I know good and well someone in the organization has been tasked to read everything i say about the game and all i do in it.


Thanks again for screwing with a crazy disabled dudes head, ea

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Re: Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious!

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Another 24 dropped on me today in lvl.  By a lesser team.  

I have quite a few 110s on my defense.

And 3700 team power.

It doesnt marked somehow...and my team is not what it should be.

Its quite obvious this is occuring.

And its far easier to do, i know, than a couple handfuls of ea employees have told me.  Everyone of them --that could shoot me a pro pack anytime-- said it was impossible to mess with my specific gameplay.


Someone wants me to quit....someone thst could have my account banned and deleted st any time.


Ive spent a whole lot of time building my team.  I have a whole crapload of 4oj 110s .

And my defense couldnt stop a team of bronzes in lvl



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Re: Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious!

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So.  I played the guy who put up 24 on me in lvl last night, this morning.

I have near 1000 team power over this guy.

First full 110 oline was pushed around...and a turnover on downs.

My second drive...on a full breakaway....ny 110 eddie george was chased down from behind after 27 yds BY A DEFENSIVE LINEMAN.


i ended up with 16.  On the guy who put up 24 on me.  That i have near 1000 team power over.


@EA_Blueberry ...i see you are awake.


Tell me how this goes down like this WITHOUT someone on your end messing with my gameplay!  I damn near destroyed my phone when that guys dl chased down my eddie george



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Re: Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious!

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