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Gronk event HELP EA!!!

by domaiN-tuGs

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Gronk event HELP EA!!!

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I spent all my money on Gronk event, was almost 3.5 million coins spent and did not get 99ovr Gronk. That is unbelievable, what is the probability??? Is not fair with me and a lot of players, some player try 10 - 12 times and got 99ovr, i tryed almost 200 times and game just give me gold and elite 85, and 1 diamond 91ovr. Omg EA fix that please.



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Re: Gronk event HELP EA!!!

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I have the same problem. I spent 2.3 million and didnt get *. This is *. EA and its cheating crap. Scripting all outcomes.

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Re: Gronk event HELP EA!!!

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This happens every promo  The more you play does not increase your chances of winning. 

If there is a 5% chance of pulling a player that percentage does not increase the more you play the event. If I flip a coin there is a50% chance I will get heads and a 50% chance I get tails. If I get heads the first time  It doesn't increase that I will get tails on my next flip. I still have a 50% chance on getting either. 

Complaining about this would be equivelant to me not winning the power ball tonight and calling the state lottery officials and telling them that it's not fair that I spent money on my lotto tickets and didn't win and there system is broken. 




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