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Game Re-allocated Lights

by db11sli

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Game Re-allocated Lights

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I allocated my first 500 lights to Lawrence Taylor around 1:00 CST. Giants poster was on the wall in the event, stockings said NY, everything. Signed back on 2 hours later, same room but the Xmas tree was back down to the bottom. So I went and looked at the other Masters, and now the 500 lights were allocated to Walter Payton.


The Bears are my team for my profile, but I have Barry Sanders, so I allocated to Lawrence Taylor instead. Did the game revert my lights to Payton because the Bears are set as my team? I wrote customer service and they didn't do anything. All I want to do is have the 500 lights allocated to where they originally were. Please don't ruin this event for me on the 1st day.

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