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Re: Game Lag & QB issues

by Humdinger504

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Game Lag & QB issues

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There is so much lag in this game it’s almost unplayable. On top of that the QB still isn’t throwing the ball when you tap on the person you want to receive it.


These are issues that have been present since this game came out, when are you gonna fix the broken bits before adding new content?

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Re: Game Lag & QB issues

Ill be honest since I got my new phone the lag has stopped but it took upgrading to a top of the line phone.
But I still have the same problems with the qb throwing the ball immediately after taking the snap. And just standing in the pocket while I tap every reciever and not throwing the ball.
These are the things we have been begging for them to fix.
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Re: Game Lag & QB issues

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Ea has proven and shown us time after time that the gameplay and our experience is NOT important at all. We can't even get any of them, especially those who know, to even just so much as just keeping us up to date with what, if anything, is going on. Every single problem we've posted about we've made countless post for them. And yet, here we are almost Christmas and the new year with nothing but ALL of the same problems and they decided to give us some new issues to deal with now.
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Re: Game Lag & QB issues

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Man good for you with the lagging. It's consistently bad for me.
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Re: Game Lag & QB issues

Yeah, believe me I'm happy as hell that I don't get that stuttering lagging gameplay anymore, but I upgraded to the Samsung Note 9. I got lucky and got a great deal. But yeah, you basically have to have a 1000 dollar computer for a phone to get the lagging to stop
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Re: Game Lag & QB issues

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And the crazy thing about that is I almost got that same phone or at the very least the one right under it. But, I ran across this lg g6 I really like and just stuck with this, but, truth be told, I would NOT have gotten a new phone and would still have my galaxy s4 had it not been for them making us by new phones for this excuse for a game that's not even worth playing on a gameboy or gamegear.
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