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Field of fear bug madden mobile

by Keeeggannn

Original Post

Field of fear bug madden mobile

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Field of fear gauntlet is stuck on locked and won’t let me complete

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Re: Field of fear bug madden mobile

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@Keeeggannn It's been that way since last Thursday or Friday. At least since anyone noticed it. EA has been told about it and people were hitting the Twitter feed with it but they still haven't gotten it corrected. They've obviously worked on it some but nothing yet to get it fixed.
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Re: Field of fear bug madden mobile

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I just bought the gauntlet with 4000 gems.  I cant get through the first stage.

I did the od at the end...but the treasure chest wont open.


At the beginning ...the 2 treasure chests wont open.


All through the stage...just getting each event open has been hard.


Now i cant complete stage 1.



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Re: Calendar of October

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@EA_Blueberry . I have posted here recently about a problem i had...hoping i could find a resolution...but no one responded.

I filed a case...since no one responded here...and i have been repeatedly told to arrange a callback...but the ea system wont let me arrange one.

It involves a lil money i spent.

Go look at my post of friday here.


Now...i just bought the field of fear gauntlet...and the first series has repeatedly frozen or something and wont let me open events and now wont let me open the final treasure chest in the first phase.


What am i supposed to do here?



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Re: Calendar of October

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@sunsetboy4ever Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game?

They tell me that all the time, sometimes that helps.
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Re: Calendar of October

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I did today.  And it still wouldnt work.

So i took some screenshots and filed another case.

About 20 minutes all worked appropriately.


Now...upon completion of the gauntlet just moments ago...i find that all 5 of the 79 fof players i earned at each stage of the gauntlet are no good for any of the fof sets.



Its absolutely ludicrous


I got myself the center.

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Re: Field of fear bug madden mobile

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I had it locked on take all but not able to get any rewards


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